The best of red team bootcamp training for 2023

For 2023, we reserve you a nice surprise. Indeed, Penthertz will join forces with ComThings and AT Security to offer the best bootcamp training if you are interested to perform physical intrusions during your red team engagements.

Heterodyne process

This is not a secret anymore, and you have probably seen that on ComThings' blog!

Starting May 2023, AT Security, ComThings, and Penthertz will join forces to offer 5 days training focusing on physical pentesting.

This session will be divided into 3 topics to give you all basics:

  • RF hacking with a particular focus on hacking gate openers & rolling codes,
  • RFID: LF & HF tags analysis, simulation & copy, and tricks to be efficient,
  • Lock opening: key copying from pictures, physical security bypass.

These 5 days will give you the best overview of the most efficient entry techniques to be stealth during an assessment. This 5-days training will be located in France, and is open to every Pentester, Red Team member, Engineer, Professional, or Hobbyist.

Each attendee will receive a hardware pack to practice the majority of the training exercises later at home.

There will be a limited number of seats, so send us an email to reserve a seat or wait for the official registration launch. You can contact us ([email protected]), or even through AT Security email and ComThings.

About the trainers:

  • AT Security is specialized in Covert Entry tests, training & tools: physical penetration, security audits, forensic locksmithing,
  • ComThings is the company behind the PandwaRF products family – the RF tools dedicated to physical pentesters, cybersecurity professionals, Police and Law Enforcement Agencies & Kaiju – Rolling code analyzer & generator,
  • Penthertz provides security assessments, trainings, and custom development for hardware and wireless security.

So do not hesitate to us and have fun!

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