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TEACHertz - A new service infrastructure for high-quality online hardware trainings

The beginning of this year is particularly tough for everyone socially and economically. As a circumstance, many habits changed, and businesses moved to a format we are more familiar with as known as remote work. Of course, this format is considered to be degraded for courses by many people, and will probably never replace the same experience in-person trainings. But this crisis makes us think about existing solutions and new ways of improvements to fit everyone's needs as much as possible. This is why PentHertz also evolved in that direction to respond to its customers by testing and then building various platforms for teaching and consulting, even for the radiocommunications and hardware areas that normally require a physical presence. In this small post, we will show the directions taken by PentHertz to provide not only high-quality and but also very interactive remote trainings. Moreover, we will also introduce the TEACHertz infrastructure that every professional can benefit from our services to provide its own high-quality trainings in software as well as in hardware.

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