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5GC API Parse

5GC API parse is a BurpSuite extension that assesses 5G core network function by parsing the OpenAPI 3.0 not supported by previous OpenAPI extension in Burp and generating requests for intrusion tests purposes.

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LoRa Craft

LoRa Craft is a small set of tools to receive signals with Software-Defined Radio, decode and craft LoRaWAN packets on top of a gr-lora GNU Radio module.

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V2G Injector

Tools to intrude a V2G (Vehicle To Grid) PowerLine network and capture and inject V2G packets.

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V2G decoder

Encode V2G (Vehicle To Grid) messages on the fly.

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A collection of tools and Scapy dissectors to test Power-Line Communication (in)security:

  • Scapy Layers: create and craft your own HomePlugAV packets
  • sends 'GetDeviceTypeRequest' in broadcast mode to discover PLCs of the same AVLN
  • derives MAC address to get a Qualcomm DAK passphrase
  • hashes the DAK or NMK passphrase using the PBKDF1
  • performs a KODAK bruteforce on powerline
  • enables 'Sniffer mode' and uses Sniffer Indicate packet to retrieve CCos MAC address
  • dumps your entire PLC configure (PIB) into a file
  • patch arbitrary bytes of your PLC, or a field between bytes 0x0-0x400 (see the details of ModulePIB conditions in the Scapy layer).
  • parse HPGP messages and collect keys

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Map 2G/3G/4G and more cellular networks in real life with a simple smartphone, pretty much like the osmocomBB monitoring feature.

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A smart jamming proof of concept for mobile equipment that could be powered with the Modmobmap tool.

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