Tailored trainings

Specific needs: dedicated training

The company has a strong background hacking radio devices, attacking physical access to intrude a building during a red team test and various kinds of tests performed on wireless and other embedded products. Their experience and feedback are shared during dedicated trainings to help you to attack and defend various real-world products found in the market, and to anticipate future technologies.

Content of private trainings can be arranged depeding of your needs:

  • Mobile technologies: attack of basebands, hunt for application vulnerability, fuzzing, core network attack and defenses
  • GPS: decoy attacks, limits and defenses
  • Bluetooth: attacks, fuzzing and defenses
  • Wi-Fi: attacking the differents protocols, fuzzing the protocol stack and analysing the radio signal
  • RFID/NFC: additional content and advanced techniques with SDR
  • Hardware: additional content in hardware and practice to attack embedded systems
  • And other technologies.
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